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YCBGA Scholarships
YCBGA Annual Scholarship 


The York County Black Golfers Association (YCBGA) manages the Annual Scholarship Program allocated by vote of the YCBGA Executive Committee. The scholarships are awarded based upon the decision of the Scholarship Selection Committee, in accordance with the following criteria:


Eligibility for Scholarship

Scholarship applicants shall be current students in their final year of high school who either reside in south-central Pa or are recommended for consideration by YCBGA members in good standing. Golfers on either school teams or those who've received YCBGA sponsored instruction are encouraged to apply. All candidates must be accepted into an accredited institution of higher education.


Term of Scholarship

The scholarship is a single grant, NOT a recurring annual scholarship. It will be paid directly to the accredited institution of higher education to which the individual has been accepted.


Amount of Scholarship

The total amount available for all the annual scholarships will be determined by a vote of the YCBGA Executive Committee. One girl and one boy will each be awarded a $1000.00 scholarship and one girl and one boy will be awarded a $500.00 scholarship for 2014.


Scholarship Selection Committee

The Scholarship Selection Committee will consist of the six members of the YCBGA Executive Committee.  The Scholarship Selection Committee will determine the eligibility and overall quality of the applications.

NOTE - No Scholarship Committee member can vote on a recipient who is a relative.


Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used in determining the scholarship recipients – percentage indicates weight of selection criteria toward final decision:


1. Personal Qualifications

    a. Years of participation in YCBGA programs

    b. Graduating High School Senior residing in South Central Pa

    c. GPA on an un-weighted scale – 10%


2. Community involvement – 20%


3. Future plans and goals – 20%


4. Essay – 20%


5. YCBGA member recommendation – 20%


6. Teacher/Mentor/Coach/Minister, etc. recommendation – 10%



YCBGA 2014 Scholarship Application 

All Applications MUST be received by April 13th, 2014  


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